Legend of the Five Rings: Echoes

Session 18.5: Battle at the Bathhouse!

Chaos takes control
when the Cat Spirit runs wild.
The Bathhouse Battle!

We had a free night minus one of the players and got together for some goofiness. Basically, the party was waiting around in Dragonfly lands for an audience with the Dragon, so they could enter their land and close another Spirit Scar. However, the session did end with the capture of Ineko, who promised to reveal Kage’s hiding place in return for her life.


I am supposedly the Echo of Compassion.

So why is it that it seems Hida-san has been showing more compassion than I as of late?

I feel pity towards Ineko. Sorrow. Because of my thoughtless but true words, she lost a great deal of Honor. It hurt her enough for her to start using Maho. She fell for a man who showed her some measure of kindness, but Kage has no capacity to love. He’s too selfish. Too dark. Too twisted.

I can’t forgive her for nearly killing Toshiro and me. I don’t know if I hate her, but I can’t trust her, not after what she has done. Not knowing what she’s capable of. Not after witnessing her acting dishonorably with my husband. Again.


Kage and Ineko were the last people I expected to run into in Dragonfly lands. I’m fairly sure it was Ineko I was talking with in the hot spring. She expressed excitement and joy in the children growing beneath my heart, something that conflicts with my image of her hating me.

I thought the fight with Kage would have gone differently. Had I chose a different animal form—bear or lion rather than fox—perhaps the fight would have been over. But the coward fled.

But he didn’t try and kill us before he got Hida alone. And even then, I think it was only because Ineko revealed their identities.

I don’t understand his actions and Teian isn’t around anymore to ask guidance, because of Kage.

I should meditate on this. We’ll have the time since the Dragon are taking their sweet time letting us into their lands, but then we need to wait for Sakura-san and Sanjuro anyway, so I guess it’s alright.

Just two more scars to close.


There are few things more awkward than having an old flame wrapped around your waist when your wife walks in. Especially when that old flame is a death-dealing sorceress bound on making me a statue in her garden…

So. Hida made a deal with Ineko, to give us Kage in exchange for her life. This is most unwise, but it is done. For now, I must focus on the coming battle… ancestors, be with me…


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