Legend of the Five Rings: Echoes

Session 22: Spy vs. Spy

Both Session 21 and 22 were put within the previous adventure log. Read that to find out what happened to the Echoes. This update only exists for players to comment in-character.


Toshiro is alive!

He didn’t die when he fell from the cliff; a Tengu rescued him and carried him off to their mountain.

I saw it in a dream. I’d never had a vision so clear before. I had to confirm what I saw.

I had my parents watch Aki and Hiro and Keitaro let me use his shrine. It took me all day to fly there as a Falcon. I got lost and blown around in a headwind so I’m not completely sure where the mountain is—just northwest and beyond the borders of the Empire is all I know for sure.

But Toshiro is alive. I saw him and he saw me before a child disturbed my body, breaking the spell.

I almost told Sanjuro, but he has a court to run. Akuma isn’t Hida. Sakura is busy with her Clan duties.

If I can find the mountain, I can scale it. If I can scale it, I can find Toshiro. If I can find Toshiro, I can use the Air spell I specifically learned in the past few months, the one that grants flight.

I can have my Love back.

Everything else can be dealt with as it comes.

The Fox Lost her Mate
Not to Death, but to Tengu
Hunting she now goes

Session 22: Spy vs. Spy

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