Legend of the Five Rings: Echoes

Session 24: The Coin Falls

A decisive lord
has few friends yet many foes.
Duty’s hidden curse.

So with school and work and life it’s been difficult to get the latest posts up. Because of that, I’m going to have to breeze through what happened this session. Some of the player comments may help you understand more fully what transpired.

It boils down to Sanjuro attempting to not gain enemies in either the Kolat or the Scorpion. Unfortunately, the decision indirectly resulted in the death of his biological brother, Shosuro Shinji, and the targeted rage of Kousei.

Thinking of a way to deal with Kousei (who was Master Coin and had threatened Sanjuro’s family), the lord of the Mongoose Clan issued a personal challenge to Kousei. If Kousei refused he would be viewed a coward and if he accepted he’d be forced to deal with Sanjuro in the open, instead of with his massive network of spies.

The other Echoes were working towards some of their own goals: discovering where Ineko and the resurrected Kage had disappeared to, finding Kolat spies in Mongoose lands, researching the ritual Ineko had used to bring the dark sorcerer back, and more.

While the other Echoes traced Ineko and Kage to the burning sands, and discovering that she had turned their old friend-turned-foe into a heartlass Khadi, Sanjuro prepared for a duel with Kousei.

And it happened sooner than he thought. A massive fleet of Mantis ships made its way up a river to get dangerously close Mongoose lands. However, since it was known to the Empire that there was a blood feud between the two men, he was allowed to pass, especially since the rest of the Empire did not hold with Sanjuro’s personal views towards Bushido and the treatment of peasants.

At last the two forces met on the field of battle, but before full war could be waged, Sanjuro offered Kousei a single duel. It was brutal, but in the end, the Mantis Lord and Kolat Master was defeated. Before he could die, he tried to take out Sanjuro one final way, Honor be damned. He had covered himself with packs of gaijin pepper, and ignited them.

Sanjuro survived (barely, but thanks to some quick healing from Yamako), and even managed to walk off the field on his own.

A Kolat master lays dead. The Echoes may have some respite to (re)finish their Kharmic Duty and finally destroy Kage, but Sanjuro’s peace won’t last long with the rest of the Kolat after him.


Kousei is a man I have known since I was very young. I have enormous respect for him. Now, he’s dead, and I’m the one who killed him. I can’t feel any thing, am I dead? I remember landing a fatal blow through Kousei’s chest, then a flash. I must be finished, it is time to forever sleep. How did it all come to this? My misguided choices, that is why I’m dead, that is why I wanted to duel instead of sending my army to fight Kousei’s. I didn’t want them to pay for my decisions.

My scorpion brother Shosuro Shinji, is now dead as well. He was tasked with hunting down members of the Kolat. He came to me for help, and because he belived the Kolat had infiltrated my clan. He was right, not long ago, I could be counted amoung them. I cut ties with them however, and they let me know this was a mistake. After numerous attempts on my family’s and my life, things were coming to a head.

Finally, one night Gayan, Kousei’s son snuck into my room, and tried to assassinate me. We fought, he lost. I spared him however, because he is the cousin of my friend Kitsune Yamako. Also, I felt this was a way I might be able make some kind of treaty. Unfortunately, this wasn’t going to happen.

The next day, Yamako explained that if I promise not to breath a word about the Kolat, and stop helping my Shinji hunt them, they may consider refraining from the attacks. So, I sent Shinji and his agents home. He left with little protest, wich surprised me. What I didn’t know, was he had a plan.

Shinji made things worse. Worse for me, and worse for Yamako. He followed Gayan, found Kousei, and tried to kill him. It didn’t work, and he died for it. Kousei thought I sent him, and now wanted my head. He came here with an army, but intended to duel me, as I had sent him a challenge. We fought, now it looks like we both perished.

I can see light, this must be it. It is time to be with my ancestors. I wish I could have seen Hinata and my children one more time. I wish I could have gotten to say good by to my friends. So many things I could have accomplished, but I knew this day was coming, and I accept my fate………wait……is that Yamako!? Is she dead too! No, no, I’m alive! Aaaaaaand there is a jade dragon in the sky. So much pain, wracking my body!

There is Kousei’s army. There’s my army. Toshiro, Sakura, Yamako, and Hida, riddled with arrows no less. Yamako saved me, even after I killed her uncle. I want to go to sleep, I’m so exhausted. I can’t though. I have to walk off this battle field under my own power, I have make a show of it, to let others know I am not to be trifled with.

I’m truly lucky to have these friends. It’s like Tatsuya always told me. “You can be the wealthiest most powerful lord in Rokugan, but if if you have no friends at your side, you are one of the poorest people in the world.”

Session 24: The Coin Falls

Proud Lord defeated
Mongoose Lord triumphs Mantis
Prevents all-out War

My Uncle, a man who helped raise me and my brothers, a man who I trusted and looked up to, my father’s best friend and my mother’s brother, he is gone now.

He declared a blood feud against my fellow Echo and friend.

He attempted to silence me when I confronted him about his actions and the Kolat.

I could not take sides and I would not. My Husband wanted to watch the battle, watch the duel, so from a safe distance, I called upon the Air kami to show us.

I didn’t want to watch. I didn’t want to see.

My Un- … Kousei tried to ensure that Sanjuro would never speak of the Kolat and if he lost, he made plans to extinguish the Mongoose Lord Echo. Akuma took care of the archers poised to fire. The Fortunes shielded Sanjuro from much of the Gaijin pepper blast, allowing him to linger long enough for me to bid the Water Kami to heal him.

There was no sign of my cousin in the battle.

My Husband formally retired from the Emerald Magistrates and joined the Fox clan.

Ineko and Kage build an army beyond the borders of Rokugan. Ineko, who showed signs of pregnancy in the vision Akuma showed us.

I don’t have the temperament for war. I want to take care of my Family, my Clan, my Forest. I don’t want to leave Rokugan again because of other’s failures. I don’t want to fight in any more battles. I want respite.

The Fox says Winter
Is coming; Time to sleep not
To go to Battle

Session 24: The Coin Falls

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