Akuma, Hell's Echo (Deceased)

Hell's New Bounty Hunter

The Jailer
Air: 3 Earth: 4 Fire: 3 Water: 4 Void: 3
Stamina: 5 Strength: 5
Initiative: 7k3 Attack: Obsidian Kaiu Blade (7k3)
Damage: Obsidian Kaiu Blade (10k3) Attack: Obsidian Tetsubo (8k3)
Damage: Obsidian Tetsubo (10k3) Attack: Unarmed (3k2)
Damage: Unarmed (3k1) Armor TN: 20
Reduction: 5 (9)
Honor: 10 Status: 0 Glory: 1 Shadowlands Taint 5

School/Rank: Hida Bushi 3
Advantages: Large, Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Antisocial, Insensitive, Obtuse, Idealistic
Techniques: The Way of the Crab—Akuma ignores TN penalties for wearing heavy armor on all Skill Rolls except for Stealth. When using Heavy Weapons, he gains +1k0 damage. The Mountain Does Not Move-Akuma gains Reduction equal to his Earth Ring. Two Pincers, One Mind-When using Heavy Weapons, or weapons with the Samurai keyword, Akuma makes attacks as Simple Actions as opposed to Complex ones.
Shadowlands Powers: Akuma has -2k0 to all social Skill rolls, and whenever he is in a stressful situation, he has to make a TN 15 Willpower roll or react with violence, -1 max Void points. Strength of the Taint-Akuma gains +5 on rolls using physical traits. Discolored Skin-Akuma’s skin is the dark grey color of ash. He gains a +5 penalty on Social rolls. Foul Odor-Akuma constantly smells of sulphur and the subtle essence of rotted flesh. He has -1k0 to Social rolls. Chosen of Fu Leng-Attempts to influence Akuma’s mind with Social skills or Techniques automatically fail. Blessing of the Dark One-Akuma’s wounds increase by 3 per Wound Rank. Eyes of Hell-With a deep red glow, Akuma’s eyes can see through any impairment. Soul Drinking-With a Taint vs. Honor/Willpower roll (or on a dying target), Akuma can swallow the soul of a helpless target.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Athletics 2 Str 7k5
†Battle 2 Agi 6k4
†Defense 1 Per 4k3
†Heavy Weapons 5 Agi 8k3 -2 targets reduction; Tetsubo, Ono
Intimidation* 2 Awa 5k3 -3k0, +5 TN
†Jiujutsu 3 Agi 6k3
†Kenjutsu 4 Agi 7k3 +1k0 Sword Damage
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 5k3
†Lore: Shadowlands* 1 Int 4k3
Iaijutsu 2 Ref 5k3
Investigation 3 Per 6k3
Hunting 3 Per 7k3
Medicine 1 Int 4k3
Stealth 2 Agi 5k3
Courtier 2 Awa 5k3 -3k0, +5 TN
†School Skill *Low Skill

Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Obisian Daisho, Akuma’s Judgment (obsidian), 3 koku, obsidian katana


Hida takeshi angryAkuma battle formAkuma full power
(human form) (battle form) (full power form)

In an attempt to save his fellow Echoes, Hida Takeshi stopped Hell’s Bounty Hunter, Kanshu from pursuing his foes by dueling him. In a ferocious fight, Hida managed to win the duel against Kanshu. With Kanshu’s defeat came a price however; Hell was now without a jailer and without Kanshu keeping Hell’s souls contained, they would be set free across the realm. Hida, knowing his fate was sealed the moment he was lost to the Kharmic Wheel, willingly took Kanshu’s place as Hell’s Jailer. He picked up Kanshu’s Obisidan katana and was corrupted into a being much like his predecessor. Hida, knowing what he was will never be again, declared himself dead and now goes under the identity of Akuma, “Hell’s Echo”.

Knowing he is no where as strong a Kanshu was when he fought him, Akuma vows to build up his strength and power in order to hunt down Hell’s escaped souls. In order to do that, Akuma may need to retrace his steps of his former life and join his former comrades in hunting down corrupted souls.

Akuma, Hell's Echo (Deceased)

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