Sanjuro Keitaro (Deceased)

Gifted Fire Tensai

Sanjuro Keitaro, Young Fire Tensai
Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 6 (+1k1) Water: 3 Void: 4
Willpower: 4
Initiative: 7k3 Attack: Flame Katana (9k6)
Damage: Flame Katana (5k2 base) Armor TN: 25
Reduction: 3
Honor: 6.5 Status: 3 Glory: 6
Shadowlands Taint: 0.8

School/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 1/Isawa Tensai/Elemental Guard 2; Insight Rank 4
School Techniques: Name of the Elements-Keitaro may spend a Void point to add twice his Fire Rank (12) to his Armor TN.
Advantages: Chosen by the Oracles (Fire), Fire Blessing, Friend of the Elements (Fire), Friendly Kami (Fire)
Disadvantages: Antisocial, Cursed by Jigoku, Dark Secret (Tainted), Idealistic, Tainted

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Calligraphy 2 Int 8k6 Pheonix Cipher
†Lore: Theology 6 Int 10k7 None
†Lore: Shugenja 3 Int 9k6 None
†Medicine 3 Int 9k6 None
†Meditation 3 Void 7k4 Void Recovery
†Spellcraft 6 Int 10k7 Importune
†Etiquette 2 Awa 5k3 None
Lore: Bushido 3 Int 9k6 None
Lore: Maho 3 Int 9k6 None
Kenjutsu 3 Agi 9k6 Katana
†School Skill
Element (Slots) Roll
Air (3) 5k3 Earth (3) 5k3 Fire (8) 10k7 + FR Water (3) 5k3 Void (4)
Spell Element Mastery Level
Katana of Fire Fire 1
Never Alone Fire 1
Fires of Purity Fire 1
The Fires From Within Fire 2
The Fist of Osano-Wo Fire 3
Wall of Fire Fire 4
Wings of the Phoenix Fire 5
Blessed Wind Air 1
The Kami’s Whisper Air 2
Legacy of Kaze no Kage Air 1
Armor of Earth Earth 1
Jade Strike Earth 1
Grasp of Earth Earth 2
Path to Inner Peace Water 1
Reversal of Fortunes Water 1

Isawa Keitaro is a young (17) shugenja of the Pheonix clan. His birth was a conflicted affair. On one hand, the omens under which he was born favored a powerful man who would bring much honor and glory to the clan. On the other, he was born with signs of the Shadowlands Taint.

The secret has been successfully buried in the family, and Keitaro has already gained much glory for his ability to speak with the kami. However, because of his childhood, and over-protection, he is a shy, idealistic young man.

Sanjuro Keitaro (Deceased)

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