Kakita Katashi

Crane Champion

Air: 6 Earth: 4 Fire: 6 Water: 4 Void: 5
Initiative: 6k6+9 Attack: Kakita Blade (9k6)
Damage: Armor TN: 35
(Reroll damage during duel) Reduction: 0
Honor: 9 Status: 7.5 Glory: 7

School/Rank: Kakita Bushi 5, Kenshinzen 3
Advantages: Prodigy, Leadership, Sacred Weapon, Sacrosanct, Social Position, Virtuous, Wealthy, Quick, Imperial Spouse
Disadvantages: Compulsion: Dueling, Contrary,
The Way of the Crane-Katashi gains twice his Iaijutsu skill rank to Initiative Rolls. He gains 1k1 plus School Rank to the total of all attack and Focus rolls while in Center Stance.
Speed of Lightning-Katashi gains 2k0 to all attacks against foes with lower Initiative.
First and Last Strike-Strike first on a difference of 3 or higher in Iaijutsu; gain a free raise for each margin of 3 instead of 5.
One Strike, Two Cuts-Samurai weapon attacks are Simple actions instead of Complex.
Strike With No Thought-Take one Simple action (including movement) per turn while in Center Stance. There is no limit to how many turns may be spent in Center Stance.
Drawing the Void-Add 10 Armor TN when in Center Stance.
Kakita Strength-Assessment/Focus rolls explode on 9 and 10
A Single Moment-If only one attack is made per turn, any opponent who is hit is Stunned until Katashi’s next turn.


Kakita Toshiro’s father, a daimyo of the Crane Clan and member of the Kenshinzen.

Rumors of his death were highly exaggerated. (Incorrect. They were spot on. His death just didn’t stick.)

Kakita Katashi

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