Kanshu, The Dark Hunter (Deceased)

Hell's Bounty Hunter

The Jailer
Air: 4 Earth: 6 Fire: 4 Water: 6 Void: 3
Agility: 5
Initiative: 9k5 Attack: Obsidian Katana (10k4)
Damage: Obsidian Katana (10k4+8) Armor TN: 30
Reduction: 3
Honor: 1.5 Status: 0 Glory: 0 Taint: 6

Healthy (+ 0) 35 / Nicked (+ 3) 52 / Grazed (+ 5) 69 / Hurt (+ 10) 86 / Injured (+ 15) 103 / Crippled (+ 20) 120 / Down 137 / Dead 173

School/Rank: Daigotsu Bush 2/Maho-Bujin 3; Insight Rank 5 Though the Spider Clan doesn’t exist yet, Kanshu has ranks in this school to represent his intense training and refining of his use of Taint in combat.
Techniques: The Way of the Spider-Kanshu can either reduce his Wound Penalties by 12, or add the same amount to damage rolls. He chooses at the beginning of each round. Aura of Blood-By spending a Void point, Kanshu and all nearby allies gain +2k0 on damage rolls for 12 rounds. Carve the Crimson Road-Kanshu’s maximum raises are determined by his Taint instead of Void. He adds 6k0 on all damage rolls. He may also make the Extra Attack maneuver with only 2 raises instead of 5. Corruption Rewards-During the Reactions Stage of a skirmish, Kanshu can increase his Initiative by 6. He makes attacks as a simple action instead of a complex one. Devourer of Purity-Any time Kanshu reduces someone to Down, Out, or kill them, he instantly heals a number of Wounds equal to 2 x (their Honor Rank). He also gains another 10 points of Reduction for the Skirmish.
Shadowlands Abilities: Power of Jigoku-Kanshu adds 6 to the total of all rolls with physical Traits. Fear-Once per Skirmish, Kanshu can project an aura of a Fear 5 effect on all enemies within sight. Armor of Death-Whenever Kanshu inflicts at least 15 Wounds on an opponent, his Reduction increases by 10 (5 versus Jade) for the remainder of the fight. Strength of the Dark One-Kanshu gains 5 wounds per Wound Rank. Awe of the Dark One–Kanshu can exert his will against any creatures of the Shadowlands, low-willed Lost included. No roll necessary.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Hunting 6 Per 10k7 Tracking
†Intimidation 4 Awa 8k4
†Jiujutsu 4 Agi 8k4
†Kenjutsu 6 Agi 10k4 Katana
†Kyujutsu 2 Ref 6k4
†Lore: Shadowlands 5 Int 9k4 Maho-Tsukai
†Athletics 4 Str 10k6
Investigation 4 Per 10k6 Notice, Ambush
Stealth* 3 Agi 7k4
Lore: Heraldry 4 Int 8k4
†School Skill *Low Skill

Kanshu is the bounty hunter of Jigoku itself. Whenever souls escape, or willful Oni plot against their own masters, Kanshu is sent to deal with the issue.

Immortal, Kanshu simply reforms in Jigoku if somehow killed. The only way this is stopped is if someone challenges him to a one on one duel. Then he disappears, leaving only his Obsidian Katana behind. If this is picked up, the bearer is immediately teleported to Jigoku. The poor victim is put through unimaginable tortures and horrors until he is warped into the next bounty hunter.

Kanshu, The Dark Hunter (Deceased)

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