Kitsune Yamako

Fox Shugenja

Kitsune Yamako
Mischievous, manipulative, vengeful, compassionate, diplomatic, troubled, grieving Shugenja
Soul of Utsukushi
Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 4 Water: 3 Void: 4
Intelligence: 4
Initiative: 8k3 Attack: Wakizashi (5k4)
Armor TN: 20 Damage: Wakizashi (5k2)
Reduction: 0 Attack: Knife (4k3)
Damage: Knife (4k1)
Honor: 10 (12 perceived) Status: 4.5 Glory: 10

School/Rank: Kitsune Shugenja 5
Advantages: Friendly Kami (Earth), Inner Gift (Animal Ken), Perceived Honor (Rank 2), Touch of the Spirit Realms (Chikushudo), Sage, Seven Fortune’s Blessing (Hotei’s Blessing), Blissful Betrothal
Disadvantages: Lost Love (Twin Brother), Dark Secret (Lion), Dark Secret (Pirate), Lost Love (Kakita Toshiro), Dark Secret (Sanjuro), Dependent (Toshiaki & Masuhiro)
Affinity/Deficiency: Earth/Air
Techniques: Essence of Chikushudo— May use Sense, Commune, and Summon basic spells to affect the animals spirits of Chikushudo as well as kami (using summon results in the appearance of a single animal spirit). Gain a Free Raise on any non-damaging spell cast on an animal.
Born of the Earth- Sacrifice 2 Earth spell slots and made a Meditation Skill Roll (TN 15). After ten minutes of meditation, you fall into a deep trance and a natural animal erupts from from the ground before your body. Your mind inhabits and controls this animal form until you choose to end the effect, your real body is harmed or disturbed, or the animal form is killed. If the animal form has higher physical or mental Trait Ranks than you, you use the animal form’s traits, otherwise you use your own. You gain any and all abilities of the creature, but cannot speak(and thus cannot cast spells) while in the animal’s body.
Abilities: Light of Yomi

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Calligraphy 1 Int 5k4
†Defense 2 Ref 5k3
†Hunting 3 Per 6k3 Tracking
†Medicine 3 Int 7k4 Herbalism, Wound Treatement
†Meditation 2 Void 6k4
†Spellcraft 3 Int 7k4 Spell Research
†Athletics 3 Str 6k3
Kenjutsu 1 Agi 5k4
Knives 1 Agi 5k4
Sailing 1 Agi or Int 5k4
*Stealth 3 Agi 7k4
Commerce 1 Int 5k4
Lore – Nature 1 Int 5k4
Lore – Spirit Realms 2 Int 6k4 Chikushudo
Investigation 3 Per 6k3 Notice
Animal Handling 2 Awa 6k4
^Etiquette 3 Awa 6k3 +3 insight
^Courtier 3 Awa 6k3 +3 insight
^Perform – Storytelling 2 Awa 5k3
^Sincerity 3 Awa 6k3 Deceit
Tea Ceremony 1 Void 5k4
Games – Shogi 2 Int 6k4
^Perform – Singing 1 Awa 4k3
^Perform – Biwa 1 Agl 5k4
Divination 1 Int 5k4
†School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill
Element (Slots) Roll
Earth (3) 8k3 Fire (3) 7k3 Water (3) 7k3 Air (3) 6k3 Void (4) 8k4
Spell Element Mastery Level Notes
Sense Any 1 +1k1 for Earth Spirits
Commune Any 1 +1k1 for Earth Spirits
Summon Any 1 +1k1 for Earth Spirits
Jade Strike Earth 1
Minor Binding Earth 1
Jurojin’s Balm Earth 1
Embrace of Kenro-Ji-Jin Earth 2
Hands of Clay Earth 2
Force of Will Earth 2
Be the Mountain Earth 2
Armor of the Emperor Earth 4
Tomb of Jade Earth 4
Strike at Roots Earth 5
Path to Inner Peace Water 1
Reversal of Fortunes Water 1
Reflections of Panku Water 1
Regrow the Wound Water 3
Silent Waters Water 3
Extinguish Fire 1
Fires of Purity Fire 1
The Raging Forge Fire 1
Ward of Purity Fire 2
Cloak of Night Air 1
Blessed Wind Air 1
Legacy of Kaze-no-Kami Air 1
Call upon the Wind Air 2

Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi ,Knife, Scroll Satchel, Scrolls (Blank), Writing Box, Medicine Kit, Chopsticks, Blanket, Tatami Mat, Traveling Cloak, Traveling Pack ( Walking Stick, Shovel, Mortar & Pestle, Flint & Tinder, Rope (50ft), Cooking Pot, Small Tent, Coin Purse, Week’s Rations, Spare Kimono & Sandals), 20 Zeni, Pet Red (Spirit) Squirrel – Kichi


“Kitsune look after their own”

The youngest child and only daughter of Kitsune Toshihiro of the Fox clan and his wife, Kitsune Minori (formerly of the Mantis Clan), Yamala has always had a special connection with animals and spirits that her older brother Kirin and her twin Isan never shared. Recognizing the gift passed down from his mother, the Kitsune spirit Satumi, aka Utsukushi, Toshihiro sent his daughter to be trained as a shugenja. His sons he instead sent to be trained with his best friend, wife’s brother, and sister’s husband Kousei of the Mantis clan; Kiran learning to become a courtier and Isan training to become a bushi.

Kirin, Isan, and Yamala learned many questionable things from their uncle and his son Gayan, including the belief that all people, not just those of the Samurai caste, should be treated the same. “You can tell one’s true honor,” Kousei would tell them, “by watching how they treat their inferiors, not their equals.” Much loved by the common folk, Kousei and Gayan taught the three siblings the finer arts of piracy, including how to hide that fact. Yamala has always been amused that her cousin’s greatest goal in life is to be written about in pillow books and have ‘proper’ ladies coo over his exploits.

While technically swearing fealty to the Emperor, the family believes that his justice does not work. When Yamala’s aunt, (formerly Kitsune) Yukiko was murdered by a high status Samurai of the Lion clan, the Emperor’s justice declared the Lion innocent and instead blamed a peasant (who was executed for the crime). Unable to declare a blood feud, Kousei instead arranged for the Lion to ‘disappear’ while travelling a few months later. The Emperor’s justice blamed spirits for the disappearance, having no testimony to put the blame upon any of the Mantis clan. The Lion’s true fate is only known by Kousei, Gayan, and Yamala.

Not long after Yukiko’s death, Kousei employed a number of new hands to be bodyguards, including the ronin Sanjuro. While the ship was stopped so the new, incompetent navigator could get his barrings, the twins took a swim off the side of the ship. Sanjuro, not knowing the twins could swim and wanting to help, jumped into the water to save them. As he is unable to swim, he had to be saved himself. Kousei still talks about the brave ronin who almost died ‘saving’ his nephew and niece, though each telling gets more exaggerated as the years go by.

After completing his gempukki, Kirin found a special talent in commerce and became a ‘merchant patron’ for his clan, bringing them much wealth. He was blessed with true love when he married Moshi Hina of the Centipede clan and their son, Kitsune Takumi was born in due time.

Fortune did not smile on the twins, however. When Yamala was in the middle of her gempukku ceremony, tragedy struck. While playing outside, two-year-old Takumi was tricked too close to the river by water spirits. Kirin and Isan, only a few days from starting his own gempukku, both rushed into the snow-fed river to rescue him. Takumi escaped the river with a few scrapes and a healthy fear of water. Kirin’s left leg was crushed, leaving him lame and unable to walk without use of a cane. Isan lost his life rescuing his nephew.

Yamala completed her gempukku beyond anyone’s expectations. Her aunt Yukiko and grandmother Satumi were also talented shugenja in their own time. As a Kitsune, she was to bring back an animal spirit to prove she had mastered her schools technique. Most assumed she would bring back a minor spirit; her father and sensei believing a kitsune would follow her back. When she convinced the legendary bear spirit Kuroguma to accompany her back from Chikushudo, it should have been a big deal.

Yamala’s elation at completing the ceremony was quickly tempered by the grief over her twin’s death, the worry over Kirin’s injury, and her guilt over not being there to help with the wayward spirts. Her elevation to adulthood was cut painfully short by her brother’s funeral. Yamala cut her long hair with her newly bestowed wakizashi and added it to his funeral pyre.

Toshihiro granted his daughter permission to travel the Empire. Kirin, worried over his little sister’s safety, worked out a deal with Doji Hakura to assign Kakita Toshiro as her yojimbo. She traveled with a merchant caravan to Doji Hakura’s village, meeting Kakita Toshiro, Utaku Sakura, Hida Takeshi, and reacquainting with her old friend Sanjuro.

Yamala has figured out that the five of them plus Kuni Hachiro and Isawa Keitaro are Echoes of the Songs of Rokugan, the reincarnated souls of seven men and women who fought the evil in the Kingdom until it consumed one of their own and ended almost all of their lives. She has become the guardian of the Egg of Purgatory and keeps it very close to her at all times.

During their travels and the short time as her yojimbo, Yamala became very close to Kakita Toshiro, eventually falling in love with him and ‘nudging’ things so the two could marry. Their fathers have gave their blessings and the two were married a few weeks after Toshiro restored his honor. She changed her name from a Gaijin one to a more proper Rokugan name, becoming Kakita Yamako.

While fulfilling their Karmic Duty despite being pregnant with twins, Yamako was devastated by the death disappearance of Toshiro during the final battle with Isawa Kage and Kage no Oni. Even before the Emperor gave the remaining Echoes leave to make the minor clan, the Mongoose, Yamako requested of her lord and sister-in-marriage leave to rejoin the Fox clan with her unborn children. Her sons Toshiaki and Masuhiro were born at the end of spring.

Yamako was forced to leave her forest after Ineko taught Maho to some of her peasants. She located her missing husband and brought him back from beyond the borders of Rokugan. She discovered her family’s connection to the Kolat and was prompted into action again when Kage convinced her father to open a Dark Artifact, turning him into a tainted, twisted creature. The Echoes traveled beyond the borders of Rokugan, becoming the Souls of Rokugan, tracking down Ineko and Kage’s army.

With half of the Souls dead, Yamako returned home to her forest. It was her duty to lead her clan, with the help of her husband, until her little brother was old enough to take over. She also became Guardian of the Forest, protecting her clan, her forest, and the Egg of Purgatory that contains the souls of both Kage and Hida.

Kitsune Yamako

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