Kuni Hachiro (Bound)

Witch Hunting Magistrate

Kuni Hachiro
Driven Hunter
Air: 2 Earth: 4 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 3
Willpower: 5
Initiative: 5k2 Attack: Katana (6k3)
Damage: Katana (7k2) Armor TN: 20
Reduction: 3
Honor: 1.5 Status: 4 Glory: 1
Shadowlands Taint: 1.0

School/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 3
Advantages: Forbidden Knowledge: Maho, Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Antisocial, Shadowlands Taint
Affinity/Deficiency: Earth/Air
Techniques: Gaze Into Shadow— +1k0 on Spell Casting Rolls against non-humans. +1k1 spell damage against Tainted targets. Free Raise on all spells with the Jade keyword.
Outfit: Robes, Light Armor, Daisho, Knife, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 4 koku

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Calligraphy 1 Agi 4k3 Crab Cipher
†Lore: Theology 2 Int 5k3
†Lore: Shadowlands* 3 Int 6k3
†Defense 3 Agi 6k3
†Kenjutsu 3 Agi 6k3
†Spellcraft 3 Int 6k3
Sincerity 3 Awa 5k2 Deceit*
Medicine 2 Int 5k2
Lore: Maho* 3 Int 6k3
Athletics 2 Str 5k3
Jiujutsu 1 Agi 4k3
Intimidation* 2 Awa 4k2 Torture
Investigation 3 Per 6k3 Notice
†School Skill *Low Skill
Element (Slots) Roll
Earth (4) 8k2 Fire (3) 6k3 Water (3) 6k3 Void (3)
Spell Element Mastery Level Notes
Sense Any 1
Commune Any 1
Summon Any 1
Armor of the Emperor Earth 4
Jade Strike Earth 1 Free Raise
Minor Binding Earth 1
Earth Becomes Sky Earth 2 Free Raise
Bonds of Ningen-Do Earth 3
Strength of the Crow Earth 3 Free Raise
Katana of Fire Fire 1
Fury of Osano-Wo Fire 1
Envious Flames Fire 1
Reflection of Pan Ku Water 1

Kuni Hachiro (Bound)

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