Kurogama (Deceased)

Spirit Guardian of Kitsune Mori

Tainted Guardian
Air: 4 Earth: 6 Fire: 4 Water: 4 Void: 4
Strength 7
Initiative: 8k4 Attack: Claws (7k4)
Damage: Claws (10k5) Attack: Bite (6k4)
Damage: Bite (9k3) Armor TN: 25
Shadowlands Taint: 6 Reduction: 14
Wounds: 108

Special Abilities: Fear 3, Swift 3, Huge
Spiritual Abilities: Partial Invulnerability—Kurogama is immune to ordinary weapons, Legendary Healing—Once per skirmish, Kurogama can regenerate 2k1 wounds.
Shadowlands Powers: As a basic effect of the Taint taking him over, Kurogama gains his Taint rank (+6) to all physical rolls. Jigoku’s Blood—Kurogama bleeds blackened blood. Blackened Claws—Kurogama’s claws are now obsidian. Monstrous Strength—Kurogama gains TK0 (Taint) to Strength based rolls. Blessing of the Dark One—Kurogama gains 3 wounds at each Wound Rank. Undead Strength—Kurogama does not suffer Wound Penalties. Unearthly Regeneration—Every round, Kurogama recovers wounds equal to his Taint Rank (6). Tough Hide—His hide now covered with body ridges and spiky plates, Kurogama has gained an additional 5 points of Reduction.


Kurogama (Deceased)

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