Otomo Ayumu

Imperial Courtier

Otomo Ayumu
Imperial Politician
Air: 4 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 2 Void: 3
Awareness: 5 Willpower: 4 Intelligence: 4
Initiative: 4k3 Armor TN: 25
Honor: 7.5 Status: 5 Glory: 2

School/Rank: Otomo Courtier 3
Advantages: Perceived Honor 2,
Disadvantages: Failure of Bushido (Compassion), Insensitive
Techniques: The Voice of Heaven—Ayumu does not lose Honor for using the Intimidation (Control) Skill. Whenever in conversation with a member of another clan, he can make a Contested Courtier(Manipulation)/Awareness vs. Etiquette(Courtesy)/Awareness to provoke a disagreement or argument between them and someone from another clan or faction. Destiny Has No Secrets—Can use contacts to learn almost any bit of information. My Master’s Voice—By taking a Complex Action, Ayumu can shout an appropriate command at a samurai of Honor Rank 1 or higher. He makes a contested roll of Intimidation(Control)/Willpower against the target’s Etiquette(Courtesy)/Willpower. If successful, on his next turn the target cannot move, attack, cast spells, or perform any other action that would directly obstruct or threaten you or your immediate friends and allies.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Courtier 5 Awa 10k5 Manipulation
†Defense 4 Agi 7k3
†Etiquette 5 Awa 10k5 Courtesy
†Intimidation 4 Awa 9k5 Control
†Sincerity 4 Awa 9k5
†Investigation 4 Per 7k3
†Perform: Oratory 4 Awa 9k5
Artisan: Poetry 3 Awa 8k5
†School Skill

Otomo Ayumu understands his role in the Court of Kimusu, but he’s a bit miffed that he’s been sent to oversee such a small court. He knows it’s important, but quickly becomes bored with the minor talents and young courtiers—bored enough that he might start trying to manipulate things for entertainment’s sake.

Otomo Ayumu

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