Frozen Heart (Broken)

Katana of ice

weapon (melee)

Frozen Heart (as the blade was once known long ago) is a nemuranai katana that appears to be made completely of ice. As a nemuranai it ignores all invulnerability.

The bearer is also immune to natural cold. He also gains reduction 10 against any cold-based mystical attacks.


This nemuranai was gifted to Kitsune Toshiro when his own blade snapped while he and the Echoes were helping rid a Yuki-Onna of a small group of Gaki that had trapped her physical form and were feeding from it. The blade is solid ice, though magical in nature, and thus does not melt.

It shattered when Toshiro struck the final blow upon Kage’s Heart.

Frozen Heart (Broken)

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