Hida's Judgment

Nemuranai Tetsubo

weapon (melee)

Hida’s Judgment is tetsubo, but as a nemuranai it ignores Invulnerability.

Any Tainted creature masquerading in human form (or a human who is hiding physical mutations of the taint) is reverted to their true form when struck by Hida’s Judgment. It also grants the bearer +10 on Earth checks to resist getting tainted, like jade.

Hida’s Judgment refuses to be wielded by those with the Shadowlands Taint. It inflicts a -1k1 to all attack and damage rolls per Rank of Taint its holder possesses. The only exception to this rule is Hida Takeshi himself, though if he falls further to the taint, it is unclear if the nemuranai will continue aiding its wielder…


This nemuranai is now corrupted, and has become Akuma’s Judgment.

Wielded by the heroic magistrate, Hiruma Do, this tetsubo split the skulls of many oni and Bloodspeakers. In the final moments of the climatic battle of The Songs of Rokugan, when Hiruma split the armor of Isawa Kage, the spirit within the weapon woke. Since the battle it was used by a few Crab heroes, but since disappeared.

It was recently recovered from Hiruma Do’s tomb, and cleansed of a dark curse placed over it by Isawa Kage.

Hida's Judgment

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