The Egg of Purgatory

Dark Artifact of Trapped Souls


When a character with 1 or more ranks of the Shadowlands Taint dies near the egg, he must roll his Earth while the egg rolls his own Taint against him, with a bonus of +1k1. If the egg wins, the tainted individual’s soul is sucked into the egg, to be stored until somehow released from the artifact.

The egg has another, yet unknown, function. Perhaps Yamako will discover it soon…?


The golden egg was once an artifact of The Songs of Rokugan, used to trap the souls of powerful Bloodspeakers who were feared to be able to escape Jigoku. Held by the Fox clan for several generations before being gifted to the Crane when it’s ability was mysteriously forgotten.

It is now in the hands of The Echoes, tucked safely away in Kakita Yamako‘s obi. It was recently used to capture the soul of Amechi (Deceased), a young Maho-Tsukai. Then, during a sea voyage to visit Yamala’s family, a thief stole it away in the night and used it for some nefarious purpose, emptying it of tainted souls.

The Egg of Purgatory

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