Tag: Crane


  • Doji Hakai (MIA)

    Hakai is a well-renowned Crane actor of great skill. People have come from across the empire to see him perform. Part of his prestige is his rarity; he's been known to spend months in reclusion, perfecting his art, before returning to the public eye and …

  • Doji Hakura (Deceased)

    Hakura is a small time governor of a Crane village along the Crane/Lion border. He is not happy that his ascension to greater heights has stalled out at this level, and often times drowns his issues in sake. Known to be cruel when his own pride is pricked …

  • Daidoji Katsu

    Daidoji Katsu is a young man eager to prove himself. His first major assignment since his gempukku ceremony at the end of Winter Court, he goes about his job like any new recruit. He tries too hard. Assigned to [[:doji-akagi]], Katsu sees threats where …

  • Doji Akagi

    As host to these peace talks, Akagi truly wants harmony between the Lion and the Crane. He is a kind, gentle man, though that evaporates in the face of anyone who attempts to start trouble, especially at a time like this.

  • Kakita Katashi

    [[:kakita-toshiro | Kakita Toshiro]]'s father, a daimyo of the Crane Clan and member of the Kenshinzen. Rumors of his death were highly exaggerated. (Incorrect. They were spot on. His death just didn't stick.)