Tag: Daimyo


  • Kitsune Toshihiro (MIA)

    Kitsune Toshihiro is a good man, true to his clan and the ideals of Bushido. It wasn't always this way. Toshihiro was born to the previous Clan Champion and a true Kitsune, a fox spirit known as Utsukushi. The fox spirit had fallen in love with Toshihiro' …

  • Doji Hakura (Deceased)

    Hakura is a small time governor of a Crane village along the Crane/Lion border. He is not happy that his ascension to greater heights has stalled out at this level, and often times drowns his issues in sake. Known to be cruel when his own pride is pricked …

  • Ikoma Yojiro (Deceased)

    Ikoma Yojiro is an aged, respected courtier of the Lion clan, and has been trusted with securing the peace with the Crane. He is eager to bring serenity to the two clans, and has brought young [[:akodo-genzo]] to show him the proper, reasoned way to deal …

  • Kakita Katashi

    [[:kakita-toshiro | Kakita Toshiro]]'s father, a daimyo of the Crane Clan and member of the Kenshinzen. Rumors of his death were highly exaggerated. (Incorrect. They were spot on. His death just didn't stick.)