Kishi Mura

A small Crane village on the coast, Kishi Mura earns its keep with fields of rice patties, and a small fleet of fishing vessels.

Due to its location, Kishi Mura has always managed to keep itself afloat, doing well and keeping itself fed. However, a few times a year, the town is hit by the pirate vessel, Blood’s Honor. Ryoko the Red, the dreaded captain of Blood’s Honor, sweeps through, taking stores of rice and fish. Luckily, the town produces enough that these infrequent attacks are a minor setback.Northern hub village shipwrights

Apart from the raids, the village is normally peaceful, with exception of recent events. Amechi (Deceased), a local peasant unhappy with the Celestial Order (the fact that he can never rise above his station, not being born samurai), turned to the corruptive powers of Maho, and under the directive of an unknown overlord, began turning the peasants of Kishi Mura into his own army of thralls, using blood magic.

A recent group of heroes, The Echoes, came through and defeated the sorcerer, returning the peasants to their homes. The people of Kishi Mura now hope that life can return to normal.

However, due to the Maho attack, almost half the village has been touched by the Shadowlands Taint, and harbor the seeds of darkness…

Kishi Mura

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