Sanjuro Bushi School

An extremely young school, not even a year old, it was developed by Sanjuro (Deceased), his father Sanjuro Tatsuya (Deceased), and a few other ronin and magistrates who joined the small family.

As of now, it only has a few techniques. It will probably be a full generation until it is truly mastered.

Sanjuro Family
+1 Willpower
The Sanjuro Family is currently only a few dozen samurai, mostly ex-ronin, who have sworn fealty to Sanjuro himself. Though ragtag, all exhibit a strong will and sense of self.

Sanjuro Bushi School
Benefit: +1 Awareness
Skills: Investigation, Kenjutsu, Lore: Maho, Lore: Shadowlands, Etiquette, Hunting (Tracking),
any one Bugei skill.
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 3 koku

Rank One: Way of the Mongoose- The Mongoose charges headlong down the snake’s den, heedless of danger. When in Full-Attack Stance, the Sanjuro Bushi gains +1k0 to damage rolls. They also add their School Rank to any rolls made to resist the gaining or growth of Shadowlands Taint. They gain a similar bonus on Fear checks caused by oni, shadowlands, creatures, or maho spells. Using Lore: Maho and Lore: Shadowlands is not a low skill for Mongoose bushi.

Rank Two: Remove the Mask-The Sanjuro bushi does not forget his roots. The school was started by magistrates and witch-hunters capable of seeing through another’s lies or manipulations. Mongoose samurai gain +1k0 on contested Social rolls resisting intimidation, deception, or other attempts to manipulate.

Rank Three: Flurry of Claws-The Mongoose is an unstoppable dervish when hunting his prey. The Sanjuro may make attacks as Simple Actions when in Full-Attack Stance and wielding weapons with the samurai keyword.

Rank Four: Mastery of Purpose

Rank Five: Purity of Spirit-In their continual battle against the darkness, a Sanjuro bushi has learned to focus his Honor in his very strikes. By spending a Void point, the Mongoose’s weapons count as Jade for the remainder of the skirmish.

Sanjuro Bushi School

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