Legend of the Five Rings: Echoes

Session 14: The Session That Time Forgot

So this session was a month ago and I had forgot to throw it up. Basically, craziness happened and they closed the Spirit Scar in Scorpion lands!


These flashes…sometimes they have been getting the better of me. I must do my best to focus on my surroundings…lest I end up getting wet again. (Sorry it’s so short but my character really didn’t do too much the last session so I don’t have very much to write).


I worry about Sakura-chan. She gives herself over to the Lying Darkness far too often… I begin to miss my bright, happy childhood friend.

Hida-san is beginning to master his new…old, memories, but progress appears to be slow. And there is little I can do to help him… maybe all of us together…?

Sanjuro… I would sit and speak with him, especially after he met his birth father. There seems to be no time for it, however… I will make the time to speak with my brother. We have not spoken much beyond his instruction in dueling, and I feel the need to share my mind with him.

My wife carries a great sadness now: we did not have the strength to march on Kitsune Mori yet, to save it from its scar. We need to get stronger, quickly, in order to fulfill our duty.

And I suspect that the Kami know this…


I never thought that I would visit Yomi, and certainly not while I was still alive.

The Scar in Scorpion lands connected to Yomi, the land of the Blessed Ancestors. Since the Lord of the land, the wife of Sanjuro’s birth father, wouldn’t allow us to access the scar from Ningen-do, Toshiro and I slipped into the Spirit Realms to close it instead. They knew us there. The other Songs were part of the Blessed Guard before they reincarnated.

It went better than expected. Since we went directly to the Spirit Realms, we didn’t have to fight the Scar’s guardian. Let the Scorpion handle that, especially since there was nothing we could do about the taint they had gained being in proximity of the Scar.

Hong, formerly of the Unicorn Clan, has been ‘taken care of’ now. I really hope Sakura knows what she’s doing.

Sanjuro was named his birth father’s heir after we left.

The other scars are in the Badger lands, Dragon lands, Lion lands, Mantis Isles, and Kitsune Mori. I’m not sure we’ll have enough time to close them all before the children are born.

I could feel the forest calling to me when we briefly visited the Fox lands and my family on our way to the coast. I could feel its pain and suffering … and there was nothing I could do. We’re not strong enough to take on Kuragama yet.

We finally got to see my brother’s wedding gift—our boat. Many of the crew are former Fox and Mantis; all technically Crane now since that’s what I am. My First Mate, Kitsune Tomo, is even one of my brother’s old friends and trained with him.

I have a ship! And it has officially been broken in, as well as many of the newer crew, what with going through a hurricane already. Hida and Sanjuro were almost lost but thankfully, the Orochi we saved before rescued them from a watery grave.

The ship will be getting repaired while we take care of the Scar in my Uncle’s lands. I’d never visited the Spirit Realms on the Isles and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. If the jungles are any indication, a lot of unseen dangers.


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