Kage no Oni (Banished)

The Shadow Demon

Kage no Oni
Lord of Shadows
Master of Nightmares
The Songs Silence
Air 6 Earth 4 Fire 5 Water 4
Willpower 6 Intelligence 6 Strength 6
Initiative: 10k6 Attack: Shadow Katana (10k5)
Damage: Shadow Katana (8k2) Armor TN: 35
Reduction: 11
Wounds: 72

Shadowlands Taint: 5
Special Abilities:
•Quick Strike: Kage no Oni can use a Simple Action to make an attack with his Shadow Katana.
•Tainted Strike: Whenever Kage no Oni hits with its Shadow Katana, the target must make an Earth roll against TN 25. Failure indicates the target gains 5 points of Shadowlands Taint.
•Fear 4
•Shadow Regeneration: As long as there are any shadows in the room, Kage no Oni can use draw on them, healing 1k1 wounds a turn.
•Shadow Form: Kage no Oni can turn completely into shadow. In this form it gains Invulnerability: Physical. However, it cannot make attacks, though Shadow Regeneration still functions. Also, it gains +4k0 to Stealth Rolls when in this form. Also, if killed by a weapon not made of jade or crystal, Kage no Oni explodes into shards of darkness, which reform the next night.
•Shadow Tendrils: Kage no Oni can cause nearby shadows to attack for it. As a Complex action a tendril of shadow can lash out (10k6 attack) against a target. If it strikes, the target is Entangled, and must must roll Earth against Kage no Oni’s Air to break free. Kage no Oni can have 4 tendrils holding targets at one time. Every round after the first that the target is entangled, it takes 1k1 wounds. These damage dice do not explode.


Kage no Oni (Banished)

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