Kitsuki Hiro

Friendly Emerald Magistrate

Kitsuki Hiro
Friendly Emerald Magistrate
Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 2
Awareness: 5 Perception: 4
Initiative: 6k3 Attack: Katana (6k3)
Damage: Katana (6k2) Armor TN: 29
Reduction: 3
Honor: 5.5 Status: 4.5 Glory: 1

School/Rank: Kitsuki Investigator 3
Advantages: Shadowed Mind, Clear Thinker, Forbidden Knowledge
Disadvantages: Ascetic, Dark Secret
Techniques: Kitsuki’s Method—Free Raise on Investigation Skill rolls, Perception Trait added to Armor TN. Wisdom the Wind Brings—Attempts to deceive Hiro, or make Feint or Disarm Maneuvers against him in a skirmish are at +15 TN. Know the Rhythm of the Heart—After speaking with someone for a few moments, roll Investigation (Notice)/Perception against their Intelligence x 5. Success grants a true and accurate, if simple, picture of their personality and motivations.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Courtier 2 Awa 7k5
†Etiquette 2 Awa 7k5 Courtesy
†Investigation 4 Per 8k4 Free Raise on all rolls; Interrogation, Notice
†Kenjutsu 3 Agi 6k3
†Meditation 3 Void 5k2 Success restores 2 Void
†Sincerity 3 Awa 8k5 Deceit
†Lore: Law 3 Int 6k3
Lore: Kolat 3 Int 7k3
Lore: Heraldry 1 Int 4k3
Calligraphy 2 Int 5k3
Go 1 Int 4k3
Athletics 2 Str 5k3
Defense 1 Agi 4k3
Horsemanship 1 Agi 4k3
Jiujutsu 1 Agi 4k3
Iaijutsu 2 Ref 5k3
Stealth 3 Agi 6k3
†School Skill

Traditional Clothing, Wakizashi, Katana, Knife, Calligraphy Set, Traveling Pack, 5 koku, Traveling Papers, Light Armor


Kitsuki Hiro

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