Kitsune Kirin

Fox Merchant Patron

Kitsune Kirin
Wealthy Fox Merchant Patron
Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 2
Awareness: 4 Willpower: 4
Initiative: 4k2 Attack: Wakizashi (3k3)
Damage: Wakizashi (5k2) Attack: Unarmed (4k3)
Damage: Unarmed (3k1) Armor TN: 20
Honor: 2.5 Status: 4 Glory: 1

School/Rank: Yoritomo Courtier 3
Advantages: Shadowed Heart, Different School (Yoritomo Courtier), Inner Gift (Empathy), Wealthy
Disadvantages: Disbeliever, Dark Secret, Lost Love (Brother), Lame
Techniques: Duty Before Honor—Do not lose Glory or Honor for using the Commerce skill, and any time Kirin makes Social Skill Rolls against ronin, bandits, pirates, or other general lawless men, he gains 3 Free Raises. Also, Kirin uses Willpower for Intimidation Rolls. Storm Heart— Add 1k1 to Intimidation (Control) rolls, and 2k2 against those under Status Rank 4. Command the Winds—3 times per session, Kirin can reroll a failed Sincerity Roll as an Intimidation (Control) Roll instead. He must take the Intimidation result.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Commerce 5 Int 8k3 Appraisal
†Courtier 3 Awa 7k4
†Defense 1 Agi 4k3
†Etiquette 3 Awa 7k4
†Intimidation 5 Will 9k4 Control
†Sincerity 3 Awa 7k4 Deceit*
†Sailing 1 A/I 4k3
Investigation 3 Per 6k3
Jiujutsu 1 Agi 4k3
Forgery* 4 Agi 7k3
Sleight of Hand* 2 Agi 5k3
Stealth* 2 Agi 5k3
Temptation* 4 Awa 8k4 Bribery
†School Skill *Low Skill

Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, Calligraphy Set, Traveling Pack, 12 koku


Kitsune Kirin is a bitter man. He is an important man—he brings much wealth to his tiny clan—but he is bitter. His uncle taught him that the value of a man comes from his individual deeds, not his station. He sees how the Great Clans treat those under them.

Kirin has also seen how the spirits treat mortals. When his brother died in Kitsuni Mori, his parents told him it was the will of the spirits.

Feelings about the Celestial Order aside, Kirin has succeeded as a merchant, and has become incredibly wealthy—wealth he uses to strengthen his clan and gain numerous allies.

Kitsune Kirin

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