Kitsune Toshihiro (MIA)

Fox Clan Champion

Kitsune Toshihiro
Child of Two Worlds
Air: 5 Earth: 3 Fire: 4 Water: 3 Void: 5
Reflexes: 6 Agility: 5 Perception: 4
Initiative: 10k6+2 Attack: Katana (9k5)
Damage: Katana (5k2) Attack: Yumi (10k7)
Damage: Yumi (5k2) Armor TN: 35
Honor: 6.5 Status: 7.5 Glory: 4

School/Rank: Forest Killer/Kitsune Ranger/Minor Clan Defender 3
Advantages: Inner Gift (Animal Ken), Luck (2 Ranks), Magic Resistance (2 Ranks), Paragon (Compassion), Quick, Touch of Chikushudo, Silent, Child of Chikushudo
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Son of the Fox Spirit Utsukushi)
Spirit Abilities: A Panther’s Moves—Toshihiro can call upon his mother’s heritage to natural blend in with his surroundings, gaining +3k0 on Stealth rolls. Unstable Form—Whenever Toshihiro activates A Panther’s Moves, he must roll Void versus TN 20. If he fails, he cannot use A Panther’s Moves or spend Void Points until the next sunrise.
Techniques: Strength of the Forest—Toshihiro gains additional Wounds per Wound Rank equal to his stamina. He adds his Stamina to damage rolls on melee attacks. One with the Wild—Toshihiro gains a Free Raise on all Hunting rolls and Stealth rolls in rural environments. He also gains +2k0 when trying to avoid detection or detecting someone hidden. Know No Boundaries—Toshihiro can spend a Void Point to gain two ranks of Status for an hour. The Speed of Certainty—Toshihiro can spend a Void Point to make a melee attack as a Free Action, though he can make no other attacks that round. The Strength of Humility—He can make melee attacks with Samurai weapons as a Simple Action.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Athletics 3 Str 7k4 Moderate Terrain doesn’t impede. Difficult Terrain only reduces Water by 1
†Defense 2 Agi 8k6
†Hunting 5 Per 9k4 Survival, Tracking; +2k0 Stealth in wilderness
†Kenjutsu 4 Agi 9k5
†Kyujutsu 6 Ref 10k7 Yumi; Stringing is simple action, range increase 50%
†Stealth* 6 Agi 10k6 A Panther’s Moves; Simple Action to move 30’
†Knives 2 Agi 7k5
Courtier 4 Awa 9k5
Etiquette 4 Awa 9k5 Courtesy; +1k0 on contested Etiquette rolls
Investigation 4 Per 8k4 Notice
Medicine 1 Int 5k4
Sincerity 2 Awa 7k5
Battle 3 Per 7k4
Iaijutsu 3 Ref 9k6
†School Skill *Low Skill

Sturdy clothing, daisho, yumi and arrows, knife, whatever else a Minor Clan Champion would need.


Kitsune Toshihiro is a good man, true to his clan and the ideals of Bushido. It wasn’t always this way. Toshihiro was born to the previous Clan Champion and a true Kitsune, a fox spirit known as Utsukushi. The fox spirit had fallen in love with Toshihiro’s father and chose to turn away from her old life and become a mortal. Her old family did not appreciate this and kidnapped their child, placing him with a group of ronin bandits. This is how Toshihiro was raised, until a passing spirit told him the truth. When he returned to his true home, his mother immediately recognized him and both parents welcomed him to the Fox Clan with open arms.

Kitsune Toshihiro (MIA)

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