Hida Takeshi (MIA, presumed deceased)

Gruff Crab Clan Warrior

Hida Takeshi
Now known as Akuma, “Hell’s Echo”
Air: 2 Earth: 4 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 3
Strength: 4
Initiative: 5k2 Attack: Kaiu Blade (7k3)
Damage: Kaiu Blade (10k3) Attack: Tetsubo (8k3)
Damage: Tetsubo (9k3) Attack: Unarmed (3k2)
Damage: Unarmed (3k1) Armor TN: 25
Reduction: 5 (9)
Honor: 6.2 Status: 4.5 Glory: 8.4 Shadowlands Taint 0.2

School/Rank: Hida Bushi 3
Advantages: Large, Strength of the Earth, Touched by Yomi (Heavy Weapons)
Disadvantages: Antisocial, Insensitive, Obtuse, Idealistic
Techniques: The Way of the Crab—Takeshi ignores TN penalties for wearing heavy armor on all Skill Rolls except for Stealth. When using Heavy Weapons, he gains +1k0 damage. The Mountain Does Not Move-Takeshi gains Reduction equal to his Earth Ring. Two Pincers, One Mind-When using Heavy Weapons, or weapons with the Samurai keyword, Takeshi makes attacks as Simple Actions as opposed to Complex ones.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Athletics 1 Str 5k4
†Battle 2 Agi 4k3
†Defense 1 Per 4k3
†Heavy Weapons 4 Agi 7k3 -2 targets reduction; Tetsubo, Ono
Intimidation* 2 Awa 4k2
†Jiujutsu 1 Agi 4k3
†Kenjutsu 4 Agi 7k3 +1k0 Sword Damage
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 4k2
†Lore: Shadowlands* 1 Int 4k3
Iaijutsu 2 Ref 4k2
Investigation 1 Per 4k3
Hunting 1 Per 4k3
Medicine 1 Int 4k3
Stealth 1 Agi 4k3
Courtier 1 Awa 3k2
†School Skill *Low Skill

Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Hida’s Judgment, 1 Jade Finger, Traveling Pack, 1 koku


Hida Takeshi (MIA, presumed deceased)

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