Song of Compassion

Utsukushi “Kitsune Akiko”
Song of Rokugan
Air: 4 Earth: 3 Fire: 4 Water: 3 Void: 4
Reflexes: 5 Perception 5
Initiative: 9k5 Attack: Unarmed (8k4)
Damage: Unarmed (4k2) Attack: Bow (7k5)
Damage: Han-Kyu (3k2) Armor TN: 30
Taint: 0.1 Reduction: 8 (3)
Honor: (8.5) 3.5 Status: 4.5 Glory: 4.0
Healthy 15 Nicked 21 (+3) Grazed 27 (+5) Hurt 33 (+10)
Injured 39 (+15) Crippled 45 (+20) Down 51 (+30) Out 57

School/Rank: Insight Rank 4
Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Luck (3), Magic Resistance (3), Quick, Perceived Honor (5), Sage, Soul of Artistry (Artisan)
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Shapeshifting Spirit), Fascination (Akodo Mitsusho), Frail Mind, Lecherous, True Love (Akodo Mitsusho)
Abilities: Protection of Yomi—Utsukushi gains Reduction 5. Speed of the Predator—Utsukushi gains Swift 2. Ephemeral Form—Once per day, Utsukushi can make her body insubstantial for 10 rounds. During this time, she can pass through other physical objects with ease. It only affects her and any non-living object she is holding or wearing. A Panther Moves—Utsukushi adds 3k0 to all Stealth rolls. _Humanity_—Utsukushi can take human form. Animal Empathy—Utsukushi can understand (though not speak to), natural animals chittering language. Eyes of the Owl—Utsukushi can see in darkness without problem.
Penalties: Utsukushi cannot tell anyone her true nature or name, enter a shrine or temple, be the target of any elemental spell (if she is, she loses access to her Reduction until the next sunrise), drink alcohol, or eat meat of any kind. She must always dress in the colors of her natural form (red fox), and her shadow is that of a triple tailed fox.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
Hunting 4 Per 9k5
Stealth 5 Agi 10k5 Sneak
Animal Handling 4 Agi 8k4
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 7k5
Jiujutsu 4 Agi 8k4 Claws
Sincerity 3 Awa 6k3
Athletics 5 Ref 10k5
Medicine 3 Int 7k4
Lore: Nature 3 Int 7k4
Investigation 3 Per 8k5
Etiquette 2 Awa 5k3
†School Skill

Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Traveling Pack, 5 koku



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