Akuma's Judgment

Twisted nemuranai of the Taint

weapon (melee)

Akuma’s Judgment is a nemuranai Tetsubo, and as such ignores Invulnerability.

Any Tainted creature masquerading in human form (or a human who is hiding physical mutations of the taint) is reverted to their true form when struck by the nemuranai.

Akuma’s Judgment protects its master from Jade, increasing his Armor TN against Jade weapons by 10, or increasing the Spellcasting TN of spells targeting him with the Jade keyword by 10.

Any non-Lost individual who touches or is struck by the weapon must make an Earth (TN 30) roll or gain a point of Shadowlands taint.


Once Hida’s Judgment, the artifact was tainted by Jigoku when Hida Takeshi (MIA, presumed deceased) chose to become Akuma, hell’s newest bounty hunter.

Akuma's Judgment

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